Weather Policies


We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule your booking if the weather conditions are dangerous. Everyone’s safety is our top priority.


Although we try to give everyone the best possible experience, and we close the availability on days of bad weather, it happens that sometimes all the forecasts indicate good weather and are wrong.

It is not our fault, there is no possible way to predict it and we cannot control the weather. Is also possible that the forecast changed completely on the 24 hours before your transfer and we cancel last minute.


We cannot guarantee to see the sunrise or have clear sky, we cannot control the movement of the clouds. Clouds and fog are NOT considered dangerous.


If the forecast points to good weather and it is the opposite once we arrive, WE WILL KEEP the activity if it is not dangerous (clouds, fog, and light drizzle rain) or WE WILL CANCEL the activity if it is dangerous (heavy rain and strong wind).

In case of cancellation, you will be rescheduled or refunded.


We can’t guarantee the same service (sunrise transfer or morning transfer) in case of cancelation/reschedule. Especially in the case that the forecast changed a day before the transfer.

We can’t predict that in advance, therefore, we might be fully booked in the following days. For the same reason, we also can’t guarantee that we have availability in the days that you have left in the island.


Sometimes you can experience all 4 seasons during the hike. Please be prepared with clothing for any weather conditions.

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